Josh Zyber Article Archive

The following lists detail reviews and home theater-related articles previously published on other web sites. Any of these articles should be read in the context of the time they were originally written. Technical standards may have risen in the meantime. Writing styles and tastes also may have evolved as the author matured.


Primetimer (2019-2021)

Article HeadlinePublication Date
After Crisis on Infinite Earths, Will the Arrowverse Ever Make Sense Again?1/25/2020
Altered Carbon Slips into a New Sleeve for Its Second Season2/26/2020
Amazon, Apple TV, or CBS All Access Direct – Three Ways to Watch Star Trek: Picard2/13/2020
Can Superman & Lois Rescue the Flagging CWverse?2/23/2021
Can The Walking Dead Ever Get Its Mojo Back?2/22/2020
Chewing on Amazon’s Imperfect but Compelling The Feed1/20/2020
Disney+: What You Need to Know About This Week’s Big Streaming Launch11/11/2019
The Expanse Broadens Its Horizons on Amazon12/19/2019
Four Ways Netflix’s Kingdom Livens Up the Living Dead3/13/2020
Has Netflix Unlocked the Potential in Locke & Key Where Others Failed?2/7/2020
How to Sample Each of the Premium Streaming Services for Free1/4/2020
Forget Mojo, Can The Walking Dead Salvage the Rest of This Season?2/29/2020
HBO Max: What You Need to Know About This Week’s Big Streaming Launch5/23/2020
Here’s What We Know About The Walking Dead: World Beyond9/29/2020
Lincoln Rhyme: Hunt for the Bone Collector Could Use a Little Denzel and Angelina1/10/2020
A Month in, HBO Max Remains a Confusing Mess6/25/2020
Netflix Tries a Game of Thrones for Tweens with Letter for the King3/20/2020
One Week In: Does Disney+ Live up to the Hype?11/19/2019
Peacock: What You Need to Know About This Week’s Big Streaming Launch7/13/2020
Shadow and Bone Has Ambition and Spectacle, But Fails to Break from the Pack4/23/2021
V Wars Is One Poorly Scribbled Vampire Diary12/102019
What’s With All the Black Bars on TV Shows These Days?12/14/2019
Who Is Stargirl and How Does She Fit into DC’s Arrowverse?5/18/2020
Will Crisis on Infinite Earths Have Any Lasting Impact on the Arrowverse?1/14/2020
Will Crisis on Infinite Earths Have Enough Fan-Service or Too Much?12/7/2019
The Witcher Fails to Capture That Game of Thrones Magic12/20/2019
Would Black Lightning Be Better Off Outside the Arrowverse?3/9/2020

High-Def Digest (2007-2019)

The Bonus View Blog (3,701 posts)2010-2019
HD Advisor Column (100 articles)2009-2011
TitleYear of OriginVideo SourcePublication Date
3:10 to Yuma2007Blu-ray1/14/2008
8 1/21963Blu-ray1/8/2010
14082007HD DVD (Netherlands)2/29/2008
Alexander: The Ultimate Cut2004Blu-ray6/24/2014
American Chronicles1990VHS9/4/2012
The Andromeda Strain1971Blu-ray6/19/2015
Angel Heart1987Blu-ray6/12/2019
Any Given Sunday1999Blu-ray2/17/2009
Any Given Sunday (15th Anniversary Edition)1999Blu-ray9/24/2014
Apocalypse Now1979Blu-ray2/14/2011
Avatar: Extended Collector’s Edition2009Blu-ray11/22/2010
Bad Influence1990VUDU1/9/2012
Barton Fink1991Blu-ray8/18/2017
Being There1979Blu-ray2/3/2009
Blue Thunder1984Blu-ray9/9/2009
Blue Velvet1986Blu-ray11/28/2011
Blue Velvet1986Blu-ray (UK)9/3/2012
Body Heat1981Blu-ray7/10/2019
Bond 50 Box Set1962-2012Blu-ray9/27/2012
Bowling for Columbine2002Blu-ray6/20/2018
The Bride Wore Black1968Blu-ray8/10/2017
The Bubble 3-D1966Blu-ray12/29/2014
Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 8 Motion Comic2011Blu-ray2/3/2011
Carlito’s Way1993HD DVD10/29/2007
Carlito’s Way1993Blu-ray5/24/2010
Coco Before Chanel2009Blu-ray2/17/2010
Color of Night1994Blu-ray8/23/2018
Contempt (Le mépris)1963Blu-ray2/22/2010
The Conversation1974Blu-ray10/25/2011
The Counterfeiters2007Blu-ray8/5/2008
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon2000Blu-ray7/21/2009
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (Reissue)2000Blu-ray7/29/2010
David Lynch: The Art Life2016Blu-ray9/18/2017
Day Watch2006Blu-ray9/24/2008
Death Proof2007Blu-ray1/15/2009
Death Proof2007HD DVD (Germany)1/21/2009
The Deep1977Blu-ray7/20/2009
The Detective1968Blu-ray1/23/2019
La dolce vita1960Blu-ray12/11/2014
Dr. No1962Blu-ray11/3/2008
Dr. No (Bond 50)1962Blu-ray10/1/2012
The Driver1978Blu-ray7/5/2017
Dune1984Blu-ray (UK)7/29/2012
Dune (Extended Edition)1984Blu-ray (Germany)8/1/2012
Election (Criterion Collection)1999Blu-ray12/20/2017
The Elephant Man1980Blu-ray (France)7/26/2012
Eraserhead1977Blu-ray (UK)7/23/2012)
Eraserhead1977Blu-ray (Japan)7/24/2012
Eraserhead (Criterion Collection)1977Blu-ray9/12/2014
The Exorcist1973Blu-ray12/6/2010
The Exorcist (40th Anniversary Edition)1973Blu-ray10/30/2013
Exorcist II: The Heretic1977Blu-ray10/4/2018
The Exorcist III1990Blu-ray10/24/2016
The Exorcist: The Complete Anthology1977-2005Blu-ray10/31/2014
La Femme Nikita1990Blu-ray1/5/2009
Flash Gordon1980Blu-ray6/28/2010
Flash Point2007Blu-ray (Hong Kong)12/20/2007
Four Lions2010Blu-ray3/16/2011
The French Connection1971Blu-ray3/9/2009
The French Connection (Remastered Edition)1971Blu-ray3/19/2012
French Connection II1975Blu-ray3/10/2009
Friday Night Lights2004HD DVD7/30/2006
From Russia with Love1963Blu-ray3/9/2009
From Russia with Love (Bond 50)1963Blu-ray10/1/2012
Funny Face1957VUDU6/28/2012
G.I. Joe: The Movie1987Blu-ray7/12/2010
G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra2009Blu-ray11/9/2009
G.I. Joe: Retaliation2013Blu-ray7/23/2013
G.I. Joe: Retaliation – Extended Action Cut2013Blu-ray8/25/2013
Galaxy Quest1999Blu-ray11/23/2009
Gangs of New York2002Blu-ray6/30/2008
Gangs of New York2002Blu-ray (France)7/14/2008
Gangs of New York (Remastered Edition)2002Blu-ray2/15/2010
Ghost in the Shell1995Blu-ray (Japan)2/7/2008
The Golden Compass2007Blu-ray4/21/2008
GoldenEye (Bond 50)1995Blu-ray10/11/2012
Hard Ticket to Hawaii1987Blu-ray5/8/2019
Heaven & Earth1993Blu-ray3/3/2015
Heaven’s Gate1980Blu-ray1/7/2013
Hellboy II: The Golden Army2008Blu-ray11/24/2008
Hero2002Blu-ray (Spain)2/9/2010
Horror of Dracula1958VUDU3/26/2012
Hotel Room1993Laserdisc (Japan)8/29/2012
House of Bamboo1955Blu-ray8/31/2015
How the West Was Won1962Blu-ray10/7/2008
The Hudsucker Proxy1994Blu-ray8/31/2015
The Hunger1983VUDU11/3/2011
I Am Mother2019Netflix6/20/2019
The Illusionist2006Blu-ray (Italy)6/25/2008
The Illusionist2006Blu-ray6/29/2010
In the Shadow of the Moon2007HD DVD10/3/2019
In the Shadow of the Moon2019Netflix9/30/2019
Industrial Symphony No. 1: The Dream of the Broken-Hearted1990DVD8/20/2012
The Informant!2009Blu-ray3/1/2010
Initial D2005Blu-ray3/20/2008
Inland Empire2006Blu-ray (UK)9/26/2012
Into the Wild2007HD DVD3/17/2008
Jodorowsky’s Dune2013Blu-ray7/28/2014
Kill Bill: Vol. 12003Blu-ray9/16/2008
Kill Bill: Vol. 22004Blu-ray9/16/2008
L.A. Confidential1997Blu-ray10/16/2008
Last Action Hero1993Blu-ray1/13/2009
The Last Movie1971Blu-ray8/21/2019
The Last Seduction1994Blu-ray7/17/2019
Last Tango in Paris1972Blu-ray4/4/2011
Licence to Kill1989Blu-ray7/1/2009
Licence to Kill (Bond 50)1989Blu-ray12/10/2012
Live and Let Die1973Blu-ray12/8/2008
Live and Let Die (Bond 50)1973Blu-ray10/29/2012
The Living Daylights (Bond 50)1987Blu-ray12/3/2012
Logan’s Run1976Blu-ray11/11/2009
The Long Goodbye1973Blu-ray2/2/2015
Lost: Season 12004-2005Blu-ray7/26/2009
Lost: Season 22005-2006Blu-ray8/31/2009
Lost: Season 32006-2007Blu-ray1/2/2008
Lost: Season 42007-2008Blu-ray12/9/2008
Lost: Season 52008-2009Blu-ray12/31/2009
Lost Highway1997Blu-ray (Japan)9/4/2012
Lost Highway1997Blu-ray (UK)9/5/2012
Love Actually2003Blu-ray11/2/2009
Love Actually (10th Anniversary Edition)2003Blu-ray10/14/2013
The Machinist2004Blu-ray5/18/2009
The Man Who Fell to Earth1976Blu-ray2/27/2017
The Man with the Golden Gun1974Blu-ray6/19/2009
The Man with the Golden Gun (Bond 50)1974Blu-ray11/18/2012
Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World2003Blu-ray5/19/2008
The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc1999Blu-ray12/1/2008
Midnight Express1978Blu-ray8/19/2009
Minority Report2002Blu-ray5/17/2010
Mulholland Drive2001Blu-ray (UK)9/21/2012
Mulholland Drive (Criterion Collection)2001Blu-ray11/2/2015
Mystic River2003Blu-ray2/12/2010
Never Say Never Again1983Blu-ray3/30/2009
Night of the Living Dead1968Blu-ray (UK)10/30/2008
Night Watch2004Blu-ray9/23/2008
The Nightmare Before Christmas1993Blu-ray8/25/2008
The Nightmare Before Christmas 3D1993Blu-ray8/29/2011
Nineteen Eighty-Four1984Blu-ray6/14/2017
Noir: The Complete Series2001Blu-ray7/27/2017
On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (Bond 50)1969Blu-ray11/4/2012
On the Air: The Complete Series1992Laserdisc (Japan)8/236/2012
Operation Petticoat1959Blu-ray7/18/2014
Operation Petticoat (Olive Signature Edition)1959Blu-ray11/30/2017
OSS 117: Cairo, Nest of Spies2006Blu-ray (France)7/23/2008
A Passage to India1984Blu-ray4/28/2008
The Passion of Joan of Arc1928Blu-ray3/31/2018
Pierrot le fou1965Blu-ray11/30/2009
Planet Terror2007Blu-ray1/14/2009
The Player1992Blu-ray11/8/2010
The Player (Criterion Collection)1992Blu-ray5/23/2016
Point Blank1967Blu-ray12/19/2018
Predator 21990Blu-ray7/12/2009
The Professionals1966Blu-ray6/17/2008
Resident Evil2002Blu-ray1/8/2008
Resident Evil2002HD DVD (Germany)1/22/2008
Resident Evil: Apocalypse – Extended Cut2004HD DVD (Germany)1/15/2008
Resident Evil: Extinction2007Blu-ray1/7/2008
Resident Evil Trilogy2002-2007Blu-ray1/28/2008
Resident Evil: Degeneration2008Blu-ray1/2/2009
Ride with the Devil1999Blu-ray8/30/2010
The Road2009Blu-ray5/17/2010
The Running Man1987Blu-ray2/8/2010
Le samouraï1967Blu-ray12/11/2017
Sense and Sensibility1995Blu-ray11/30/2015
Sid & Nancy1986Blu-ray8/28/2017
A Single Man2009Blu-ray7/27/2010
Space Truckers1996Blu-ray (UK)8/23/2018
Spears & Munsil High Definition Benchmark2009Blu-ray4/30/2009
Spectre (SteelBook Edition)2015Blu-ray2/16/2016
Star Trek: The Original Series – Season 11966-1967HD DVD11/27/2007
Star Trek: The Original Series – Season 11966-1967Blu-ray5/4/2009
Star Trek: The Original Series – Season 21967-1968Blu-ray10/7/2009
Star Trek: The Original Series – Season 31968-1969Blu-ray12/21/2009
Star Trek: The Original Series – The Roddenberry Vault1966-1968Blu-ray1/3/2017
Star Trek: The Animated Series1973-1974Blu-ray11/28/2016
Star Trek: The Next Generation – The Next Level Sampler1987-1992Blu-ray2/21/2012
Star Trek: The Motion Picture1979Blu-ray5/31/2009
Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan1982Blu-ray6/1/2009
Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan – Director’s Cut1982Blu-ray6/13/2016
Star Trek III: The Search for Spock1984Blu-ray6/2/2009
Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home1986Blu-ray6/3/2009
Star Trek V: The Final Frontier1989Blu-ray6/8/2009
Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country1991Blu-ray6/9/2009
Star Trek: Generations1994Blu-ray10/17/2009
Star Trek2009Blu-ray11/26/2009
Star Trek into Darkness2013Blu-ray9/1/2013
Star Trek into Darkness 3D2013Blu-ray9/1/2013
Star Trek: The Compendium2009-2013Blu-ray9/8/2014
Star Trek Beyond2016Blu-ray10/31/2016
Star Trek Beyond (SteelBook Edition)2016Blu-ray11/7/2016
Star Trek Beyond 3D2016Blu-ray11/7/2016
Star Wars: The Clone Wars2008Blu-ray11/17/2008
Stardust2007HD DVD12/17/2007
Starship Troopers1997Blu-ray (UK)11/5/2007
Starship Troopers1997Blu-ray7/28/2008
Starship Troopers 3: Marauder2008Blu-ray7/31/2008
State of Grace1990Blu-ray7/25/2015
The Straight Story1999Blu-ray (Japan)9/13/2012
Streets of Fire1984Blu-ray5/22/2017
Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street2007Blu-ray10/24/2008
Synecdoche, New York2008Blu-ray3/24/2009
Team America: World Police2004Blu-ray (UK)6/13/2014
Team America: World Police2004Blu-ray10/20/2015
The Thomas Crown Affair1968Blu-ray5/16/2018
Three Days of the Condor1975Blu-ray5/18/2009
Thunderball (Bond 50)1965Blu-ray10/22/2012
Thunderbirds Are Go / Thunderbird 6 (Twilight Time)1966-1968Blu-ray5/27/2014
Thunderbirds Are Go / Thunderbird 6 (Kino)1966-1968Blu-ray6/27/2017
Tideland2005HD DVD3/31/2008
To Live and Die in L.A.1985Blu-ray3/26/2010
To Live and Die in L.A. (Collector’s Edition)1985Blu-ray12/19/2016
The Transformers: The Movie1986Blu-ray (UK)11/16/2007
The Transformers: The Movie (30th Anniversary Edition)1986Blu-ray8/31/2016
The Transformers: The Movie (30th Anniversary SteelBook Edition)1986Blu-ray9/15/2016
Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen2009Blu-ray10/23/2009
Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (Big Screen Edition)2009Blu-ray10/26/2009
The Triplets of Belleville2003HD DVD (France)3/26/2008
Twin Peaks: Pilot Episode1990VUDU8/6/2012
Twin Peaks: The Entire Mystery1990-1992Blu-ray8/11/2014
Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me 1992Blu-ray (Japan)8/24/2012
Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me 1992Blu-ray (UK)8/23/2012
Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me (Criterion Collection)1992Blu-ray11/7/2017
Twin Peaks: The Return2017Blu-ray1/20/2018
The Underneath1995Blu-ray8/15/2019
Urusei Yatsura 2: Beautiful Dreamer1984Blu-ray9/12/2018
Vanishing Point1971Blu-ray3/17/2009
Vicky Cristina Barcelona2008Blu-ray1/26/2009
Wallace & Gromit: A Matter of Loaf and Death2008Blu-ray (UK)7/6/2009
Where the Wild Things Are2009Blu-ray3/1/2010
Wild at Heart1990Blu-ray (UK)8/13/2012
Wild at Heart1990Blu-ray (France)8/20/2012
Wild at Heart (Twilight Time)1990Blu-ray4/28/2014
Winged Migration2001Blu-ray3/31/2009
Wings of Desire1987Blu-ray11/6/2009
Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown1988Blu-ray3/27/2017
The World Is Not EnoughBlu-ray4/12/2009
The X Files: Fight the Future1998Blu-ray12/22/2008
The X Files: I Want to Believe2008Blu-ray12/24/2008
You Only Live Twice (Bond 50)1967Blu-ray10/8/2012
Young People F—ing2007Blu-ray1/7/2009
Youth Without Youth2007Blu-ray5/14/2008
Article HeadlinePublication Date
Commentary: 2007 Year-End Studio Report Cards12/28/2007
Commentary: A War of Hype, and Paramount’s Big Bombshell8/31/2007
Commentary: Combo Discs – What Went Wrong?9/14/2007
Commentary: Living in Fear of the Niche11/9/2007
Commentary: Specs vs. Reality10/26/2007
DarbeeVision Darblet Video Enhancement Processor Review7/10/2012
Denon AVR-X8500H A/V Receiver Review8/27/2018
Epson Home Cinema 4010 4k Ultra HD Projector Review11/19/2018
HD Advisor Tutorial – 2.35:1 Constant Height Projection5/15/2009
High-Def FAQ: Blu-ray and HD DVD Audio Explained10/12/2007
High-Def FAQ: Blu-ray Profiles Explained11/23/2007
High-Def FAQ: Is HDMI 1.3 Really Necessary?8/10/2007
High-Def FAQ: Uncompressed vs. Lossless Audio12/7/2007
High-Def FAQ: What’s the Big Deal About 1080p24?9/28/2007
High-Def FAQ: Why Don’t the Black Bars Go Away?7/13/2007
JVC DLA-RS40 3D Projector Review (Part 2, Part 3)5/4/2011
Lumagen Radiance-XS Video Processor Review5/2/2011
mCable HDMI Video Processor Review9/7/2017
Memo to the Studios: Ten Easy Ways to Improve High-Def Discs6/29/2007
Memo to the Studios Revisited: Our Readers Speak Out7/27/2007
OPPO BDP-83 Blu-ray Player Review8/7/2009
Optoma UHD50 4k Ultra HD Home Theater Projector Review3/12/2018
Panamorph CineVista Anamorphic Lens Review8/21/2013
Panasonic DMP-BD30 Blu-ray Player Review11/26/2007
Peel TV Recommendations App Review3/15/2012
SRS Labs MyVolume HDMI Volume Leveling Adaptor Review2/2/2011
SVS SB-2000 &  PB-2000 Powered Subwoofers Review3/22/2016
SVS SB-4000 Powered Subwoofer Review7/24/2018
Toshiba HD-XA2 HD DVD Player Review3/4/2007
VEFXi 3D-Bee 2D-to-3D Converter Review3/28/2012
Vizio E3D320VX 3D Television Review6/7/2011
VUDU Movie Download Service Review4/24/2009
WeMo Remote Light Switches Revoew11/18/2014

Home Theater Magazine (2008-2012)

TitleYear of OriginVideo SourcePublication Date
A.I. Artificial Intelligence2001Blu-rayJuly 2011
Alien Anthology1979-1997Blu-rayJanuary 2011
Barry Lyndon1975Blu-rayAugust 2011
Big Trouble in Little China1986Blu-rayOctober 2009
Blood: The Last Vampire2009Blu-rayNovember 2009 (unpublished)
Body of Lies2008Blu-rayMay 2009
Boogie Nights1997Blu-rayApril 2010
The Boondock Saints1999Blu-rayMay 2009
Das Boot1981Blu-rayOctober 2011
Cars 22011Blu-rayFebruary 2012
A Clockwork Orange (40th Anniversary Edition)1971Blu-rayAugust 2011
Contagion2011Blu-rayMay 2012
Crazy Heart2009Blu-rayJuly 2010
The Damned United2009Blu-rayMay 2010
The Day the Earth Stood Still2008Blu-rayJuly 2009
Daybreakers2009Blu-rayJuly 2010
The Descendants 2011Blu-rayJuly 2012
Drag Me to Hell 2009Blu-rayDecember 2009
Duplicity2009Blu-rayNovember 2009
Eagle Eye2008Blu-rayApril 2009
Escape from New York1981Blu-rayOctober 2010
The Fighter2010Blu-rayJune 2011
Firefly: The Complete Series2002Blu-rayFebruary 2009
Get Low2009Blu-rayMay 2011
Ghostbusters1984Blu-raySeptember 2009
Go1999Blu-rayOctober 2009
Gone with the Wind1939Blu-rayFebruary 2010
Green Lantern2011Blu-rayJanuary 2012
Hancock2008Blu-rayFebruary 2009
The Hangover2009Blu-rayMarch 2010
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 12010Blu-rayJuly 2011
Hereafter2010Blu-rayJune 2011
Invictus2009Blu-rayAugust 2010
J. Edgar2011Blu-rayJune 2012
Jane Eyre2011Blu-rayNovember 2011
Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D2008Blu-rayJanuary 2009
King Kong1933Blu-rayDecember 2010
The King’s Speech2010Blu-rayJuly 2011
Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels1998Blu-rayFebruary 2010
Lolita1962Blu-rayAugust 2011
The Losers2010Blu-rayOctober 2010
El Mariachi / Desperado1992 / 1995Blu-rayApril 2011
Memento (10th Anniversary Edition)2000Blu-rayJune 2011
Miracle at St. Anna2008Blu-rayMay 2009
Mother2009Blu-rayAugust 2010 (unpublished)
Never Let Me Go2010Blu-rayMay 2011
Pirate Radio2009Blu-rayJuly 2010
Precious: Based on the Novel “Push” by Sapphire2009Blu-rayMay 2010
Predators2010Blu-rayJanuary 2011
Race to Witch Mountain2009Blu-rayOctober 2009
Repo Men2010Blu-rayOctober 2010
Se7en1995Blu-rayNovember 2010
Serenity2005Blu-rayMarch 2009
Seven Pounds2008Blu-rayJune 2009
Silverado1985Blu-rayDecember 2009
Smart People2008Blu-rayNovember 2008
Snatch2000Blu-rayFebruary 2010
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs1937Blu-rayNovember 2009
Spaceballs1987Blu-raySeptember 2009
Speed Racer2008Blu-raySeptember 2008 (unpublished)
The Spirit2008Blu-rayJuly 2009
Splice2009Blu-rayDecember 2010
Terminator Salvation2009Blu-rayFebruary 2010
THX 1138: Director’s Cut1971Blu-rayNovember 2010
The Town2010Blu-rayMarch 2011
The Town (Ultimate Collector’s Edition)2010Blu-rayJuly 2012
Transformers: Dark of the Moon2011Blu-rayNovember 2012
True Grit2010Blu-raySeptember 2011
Videodrome1983Blu-rayFebruary 2011
A Woman, a Gun and a Noodle Shop2009Blu-rayApril 2011
X-Men: First Class2011Blu-rayDecember 2011
X-Men Origins: Wolverine2009Blu-rayDecember 2009
Zombieland2009Blu-rayApril 2010
Article HeadlinePublication Date
Aspect Ratio OdditiesJanuary 2009
BD-Live in ActionMay 2009
BD-Live Under ScrutinyJuly 2010
Blu-Con 2010: Expanding the MarketFebruary 2011
Blu-ray in the Third Dimension: To 3D or Not 3D?April 2009
Blu-ray’s Identity CrisisAugust 2008
Denon AVR-3808CI A/V Receiver ReviewJuly 2008
Digital Copy: It’s Like a Blu-ray and a HalfSeptember 2008
Dolby Fidelity Forum 2010February 2011
Drawing Blood from a Stone: Toshiba XDE DVD UpconversionDecember 2008
Firmware Updates: Are Consumers Now Beta Testers?May 2008
HDMI 101March 2009
High-Def Interactivity: A Practical GuideApril 2008
High-Definition Audio: To Bitstream or Not to Bitstream?May 2008
How Do You Review 3D, Anyway?January 2012
How to Appreciate High DefinitionOctober 2008
In Memoriam: HD DVDJune 2008
Movies in the Third DimensionDecember 2010 (Avatar Special)
So You Just Got a Blu-ray Player? A High-Def Interactivity PrimerJune 2010
Sweating the Small StuffNovember 2008
Why Blu-ray Matters: Is DVD Still Relevant to Home TheaterDecember 2008 (unpublished)

DVDTalk (2004-2007)

TitleYear of OriginVideo SourcePublication Date
16 Blocks2006HD DVD6/25/2006
The Adventures of Robin Hood1938HD DVD10/23/2006
The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers1986DVD6/4/2005
Alexander (Collector’s Edition)2004DVD (Korea)2/13/2006
Alexander (Limited Edition)2004DVD (Hong Kong)6/13/2005
Alexander: Director’s Cut2004DVD7/25/2005
Alexander Revisited: The Final Cut2004DVD3/23/2007
Apollo 131995HD DVD5/17/2006
Armour of God Series1987-1991DVD12/10/2005
Basic Instinct1992Blu-ray6/17/2007
Basic Instinct1992HD DVD (UK)7/21/2007
Basic Instinct 2: Risk Addiction2006Blu-ray7/18/2006
The Benchwarmers2006Blu-ray8/3/2006
A Better Tomorrow Trilogy1986-1989DVD (Hong Kong)2/17/2005
Beyond Our Ken2004DVD5/9/2005
Black Rain1989HD DVD1/30/2007
Blazing Saddles1974Blu-ray10/19/2006
Born on the Fourth of July1989HD DVD7/14/2007
The Bourne Identity2002HD DVD7/29/2007
The Bourne Supremacy2004HD DVD6/20/2006
Breaking News2004DVD (Hong Kong)11/14/2004
Breaking News2004DVD3/12/2006
Bright Leaves2003DVD6/27/2005
Brotherhood of the Wolf: Director’s Cut2001HD DVD7/31/2007
The Brothers Grimm2005HD DVD9/9/2006
Bubble2005HD DVD6/17/2007
Casino Royale2006Blu-ray3/12/2007
Casino Royale: Uncut International Version2006Blu-ray7/15/2007
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory2005HD DVD11/20/2006
A Chinese Ghost Story Trilogy1987-1991DVD7/4/2005
The Chronicles of Riddick2004HD DVD5/29/2006
Chronos1985HD DVD12/28/2006
The Company of Wolves1984DVD (UK)1/14/2006
Crime Story: Season 21987-1988DVD10/11/2005
Curse of the Golden Flower2006Blu-ray6/10/2007
Darkman1990HD DVD8/12/2007
Dazed and Confused1993HD DVD10/20/2006
The Departed2006HD DVD2/28/2007
The Devil Wears Prada2006Blu-ray1/6/2007
Digital Video Essentials: High Definition2007HD DVD4/15/2007
Dirty Dancing1987Blu-ray6/25/2007
Donnie Brasco1997Blu-ray5/21/2007
Dreamgirls2006HD DVD5/6/2007
Dune1984HD DVD12/20/2006
Election2005DVD (Hong Kong)2/3/2006
The Elephant Man1980HD DVD (France)5/21/2007
End of Days1999HD DVD11/8/2006
Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room2005Blu-ray2/9/2007
Eros2004DVD (Hong Kong)8/2/2005
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas1998HD DVD11/15/2006
The Fifth Element1997Blu-ray7/10/2006
The Fifth Element (Remastered Edition)1997Blu-ray7/21/2007
Finding Neverland2004HD DVD6/18/2006
Flags of Our Fathers2006HD DVD5/28/2007
Flash Gordon1980DVD (UK)1/5/2006
Four Brothers2005HD DVD9/2/2006
The Fugitive1993HD DVD6/5/2006
The Fugitive1993Blu-ray9/24/2006
Full Metal Jacket1987Blu-ray9/29/2006
Full Metal Jacket1987HD DVD9/29/2006
Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence2004Blu-ray3/28/2007
Good Night, and Good Luck.2005Blu-ray9/4/2006
Good Night, and Good Luck.2005HD DVD9/4/2006
Goodfellas1990HD DVD5/29/2006
Happy Feet2006HD DVD4/4/2007
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire2005HD DVD7/8/2007
The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy2005Blu-ray2/24/2007
Hollywoodland2006HD DVD3/4/2007
Home Theater Introduction Featuring CeRT2005DVD1/13/2005
Home Theater Introduction Featuring CeRT V22005DVD11/27/2005
House of Flying Daggers2004DVD (Hong Kong)11/12/2004
House of Flying Daggers2004DVD4/26/2005
House of Flying Daggers2004Blu-ray7/10/2006
House of Flying Daggers (Limited Edition)2004DVD (Hong Kong)2/3/2005
House of Fury2005DVD12/16/2005
Howl’s Moving Castle2004DVD3/7/2006
Howl’s Moving Castle (Limited Edition)2004DVD (Korea)3/7/2006
Hustle & Flow2005HD DVD7/8/2007
Immortel: ad vitam2004DVD (Hong Kong)7/12/2005
Infernal Affairs Trilogy2002-2003DVD (Hong Kong)2/17/2005
The Italian Job2003HD DVD12/1/2006
Jarhead2005HD DVD5/25/2006
John Woo Collection1989-1990DVD (Hong Kong)2/17/2005
The Journey (Sancharram)2004DVD2/14/2006
Kingdom of Heaven: Director’s Cut2005Blu-ray1/9/2007
A Knight’s Tale2001Blu-ray8/16/2006
The Krays1990DVD (UK)1/22/2006
Kung Fu Hustle2004Blu-ray1/29/2007
Lady in the Water2006HD DVD1/24/2007
Lara Croft: Tomb Raider2001Blu-ray11/16/2006
The Last Samurai2003HD DVD4/26/2006
Layer Cake2004Blu-ray4/8/2007
Let Him Have It1991DVD1/22/2006
Lethal Weapon1987Blu-ray10/6/2006
Lethal Weapon 21989Blu-ray10/6/2006
Letters from Iwo Jima2006HD DVD5/28/2007
The Lost City2005HD DVD7/22/2007
The Mambo Kings1992DVD8/23/2005
The Man Who Copied2003DVD9/16/2005
March of the Penguins2005HD DVD4/4/2007
The Matador2005HD DVD12/10/2006
The Messengers2007Blu-ray6/7/2007
Million Dollar Baby2004HD DVD5/9/2006
Mission: Impossible1996HD DVD5/9/2007
Mission: Impossible II2000HD DVD5/10/2007
Mission: Impossible II2000Blu-ray5/21/2007
Mission: Impossible III2006Blu-ray10/29/2006
Mission: Impossible III2006HD DVD10/29/2006
Mission: Impossible – Ultimate Missions Collection1996-2006HD DVD12/7/2006
Monster House2006Blu-ray11/19/2006
New Police Story2004DVD2/17/2005
Once a Thief1991DVD (Hong Kong)11/6/2005
Once Upon a Time in China I, II, III1991-1992DVD (Hong Kong)2/17/2005
The Overture2004DVD2/5/2006
Payback: Straight Up – The Director’s Cut1999HD DVD4/21/2007
The Phantom of the Opera2004HD DVD5/4/2006
Pitch Black2000HD DVD7/23/2006
The Polar Express2004HD DVD11/19/2006
Police Story Trilogy1985-1992DVD (Hong Kong)2/17/2005
Project A Series1983-1987DVD (Hong Kong)2/17/2005
The Promise (La promesa)2004DVD10/16/2005
The Promise (Wu ji)2005DVD (Hong Kong)4/7/2006
Ray2004HD DVD9/21/2006
Rumor Has It…2005HD DVD5/21/2006
Rumor Has It…2005Blu-ray8/10/2006
Saints and Soldiers2003DVD7/10/2005
Sammo Hung Action Collection1979-1980DVD (Hong Kong)9/25/2005
Serenity2005DVD (Australia)3/13/2006
Serenity2005HD DVD4/22/2006
Silent Hill2006Blu-ray8/18/2006
Silicon Optix HQV Benchmark2007DVD8/25/2007
Silicon Optix HQV HD Benchmark2007Blu-ray8/25/2007
Silicon Optix HQV HD Benchmark2007HD DVD8/25/2007
Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow2004HD DVD8/1/2006
Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow2004Blu-ray10/28/2006
Sleepy Hollow1999HD DVD8/24/2006
Slim Till Dead2005DVD (Hong Kong)7/22/2005
South Park: Good Times with Weapons2004HD DVD4/15/2007
Space: Above and Beyond – The Complete Series1995-1996DVD9/24/2005
Spy Game2001HD DVD9/14/2006
Superman Returns2006HD DVD12/31/2006
Swordfish2001HD DVD5/12/2006
Syriana2005HD DVD6/27/2006
The Terminator1984Blu-ray7/10/2006
Terminator 2: Judgment Day1991Blu-ray7/10/2006
Terminator 2: Judgment Day1991HD DVD (France)6/2/2007
Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines2003HD DVD10/9/2006
Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride2005Blu-ray10/2/2006
Traffic2000HD DVD10/22/2006
Training Day2001Blu-ray8/27/2006
The Transformers: The Movie (Reconstructed Edition)1986DVD (UK)10/25/2005
U-5712000HD DVD6/12/2006
Underworld Evolution2006Blu-ray7/20/2006
The Untouchables1987HD DVD6/24/2007
A View from Space with Heavenly Music2006Blu-ray8/14/2006
The Warriors1979Blu-ray6/29/2007
We Were Soldiers2002HD DVD9/2/2006
What Dreams May Come1998HD DVD8/15/2007
The Wicker Man2006HD DVD2/25/2007
The Wig2005DVD (Hong Kong)11/3/2005
Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory1971HD DVD11/20/2006
Wild Palms1993DVD11/28/2005
World Trade Center2006HD DVD1/19/2007
Zhou Yu’s Train2002DVD11/28/2004
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DVDFile (2000-2005)

TitleYear of OriginVideo SourcePublication Date
The 6th Day2000DVD4/9/2001
24: Season 12001-2002DVD9/22/2002
24: Season 22002-2003DVD10/14/2003
28 Days Later2002DVD (UK)7/22/2003
28 Days Later2002DVD9/28/2003
Abre los ojos (Open Your Eyes)1997DVD5/19/2002
Aguirre: The Wrath of God1972DVD9/20/2000
Alias Declassified2001DVD4/12/2003
Alias: Season 12001-2002DVD9/1/2003
Alias: Season 22002-2003DVD12/2/2003
Alias: Season 32003-2004DVD9/27/2004
Angel: Season 11999-2000DVD2/20/2003
Angel: Season 22000-2001DVD9/16/2003
Angel: Season 32001-2002DVD (UK)2/3/2004
Angel: Season 32001-2002DVD 2/11/2004
Auto Focus2002DVD3/10/2003
Before Night Falls2000DVD5/20/2001
Better Off Dead1985DVD7/19/2002
Bowling for Columbine2002DVD8/14/2003
Brotherhood of the Wolf: Director’s Cut2001DVD (Canada)10/22/2002
Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 11997DVD1/18/2002
Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 21997-1998DVD6/23/2002
Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 31998-1999DVD2/3/2003
Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 41999-2000DVD (UK)4/23/2003
Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 41999-2000DVD6/30/2003
Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 52000-2001DVD (UK)11/24/2003
Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 52000-2001DVD1/26/2004
Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 62001-2002DVD (UK)3/25/2004
Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 62001-2002DVD5/26/2004
Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Once More, with Feeling2001DVD (UK)3/25/2004
The Business of Strangers2001DVD8/12/2002
Capturing the Friedmans2003DVD2/12/2004
Casino Royale1967DVD10/16/2002
Castle in the Sky1986DVD4/26/2003
Children of Paradise1945DVD3/29/2002
City of God2002DVD6/22/2004
The Clearing2004DVD12/2/2004
The Cook, the Thief, His Wife & Her Lover1989DVD4/9/2001
Crime Story: Pilot Episode1986DVD9/29/2000
Crime Story: Season 11986-1987DVD4/4/2004
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon2000DVD (Hong Kong)2/12/2001
Dead Like Me: Season 12003DVD5/20/2004
The Devil’s Backbone2001DVD6/30/2002
Dirty Pretty Things2002DVD3/21/2004
Donnie Darko2001DVD2/18/2002
Donnie Darko: Director’s Cut2001DVD1/26/2005
Don’t Look Now1973DVD9/16/2002
Eat Drink Man Woman1994DVD3/15/2002
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind2004DVD10/27/2004
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (Collector’s Edition)2004DVD1/6/2005
Fast, Cheap & Out of Control1997DVD10/3/2002
The Fearless Vampire Killers1967DVD12/2/2004
Fellini’s Roma1972DVD3/13/2001
Firefly: The Complete Series2002DVD12/8/2003
The Fourth Man1983DVD6/11/2001
From Hell2001DVD4/29/2002
Full Frontal2002DVD3/29/2003
G.I. Joe: The Movie1987DVD10/26/2000
Ghost World2001DVD2/1/2002
Ghosts of the Abyss2003DVD4/27/2004
Ghosts of the Abyss 3D2003DVD (Japan)8/15/2004
Glengarry Glen Ross1992DVD11/19/2002
The Good Thief2002DVD9/29/2003
Grave of the Fireflies1988DVD1/8/2003
Harsh Realm: The Complete Series1999-2000DVD8/29/2004
Heart of Glass1976DVD2/6/2002
Hero2002DVD (Hong Kong)10/24/2003
High Spirits1988DVD7/14/2002
The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy1981DVD6/18/2002
The Human Stain2003DVD7/20/2004
I Am Curious – Yellow / Blue1967-1968DVD3/10/2003
Interview with the Assassin2002DVD5/27/2003
Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade1999DVD4/9/2002
Kiki’s Delivery Service1989DVD4/26/2003
The King of Comedy1982DVD1/6/2003
The Long Goodbye1973DVD9/3/2002
Love Liza2002DVD5/7/2003
The Manchurian Candidate2004DVD1/11/2005
Manhunter: Director’s Cut1986DVD7/18/2003
Manhunter: Theatrical Cut1986DVD (Japan)2/4/2004
Mulholland Drive2001DVD4/9/2002
My Life as a Dog1985DVD3/18/2003
Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water1990DVD6/30/2001
Needful Things1993DVD8/25/2002
The Office: Season 1 (UK)2001DVD1/12/2004
The Office: Season 2 (UK)2002DVD5/8/2004
Out of the Past1947DVD7/12/2004
The Prisoner: Volumes 1-41967DVD2/18/2001
PTU2003DVD (Hong Kong)1/24/2004
The Purple Rose of Cairo 1985DVD10/14/2001
The Remains of the Day1993DVD11/25/2001
Returner2002DVD (Hong Kong)7/12/2003
Robotech: The Macross Saga – Volumes 1 & 21985DVD7/17/2001
Roger & Me1989DVD8/28/2003
Ronin1998DVD (Japan)1/15/2004
Serial Experiments Lain1998DVD9/25/2001
The Sheltering Sky1990DVD12/10/2002
The Shield: Season 12002DVD1/7/2003
The Shield: Season 22003DVD3/8/2004
The Short Films of David Lynch1967-1995DVD4/1/2002
The Singing Detective1986DVD4/12/2004
The Singing Detective2003DVD4/12/2004
Soldier of Orange1977DVD6/30/2001
The Son’s Room2001DVD10/9/2002
Spirited Away2001DVD4/14/2003
Sports Night: The Complete Series1998-2000DVD11/12/2002
La strada1954DVD6/15/2004
The Straight Story1999DVD11/14/2000
The Straight Story1999DVD (Japan)11/14/2000
The Stunt Man1980DVD11/9/2001
Sunshine State2002DVD1/15/2003
Talk to Her2002DVD5/19/2003
The Tenant1976DVD11/3/2003
The Terminator (Special Edition)1984DVD (Australia)5/10/2001
The Terminator (Ultimate Edition)1984DVD (Japan)11/13/2003
Three Colors Trilogy1993-1994DVD8/6/2003
Throne of Blood1957DVD7/26/2003
The Transformers: Season 11984DVD6/10/2002
The Transformers: The Movie1986DVD12/15/2000
The Triplets of Belleville2003DVD6/2/2004
Trouble in Paradise1932DVD3/3/2003
Twin Peaks: Pilot Episode1990DVD (Taiwan)8/19/2001
Twin Peaks: Season 11990DVD12/17/2001
Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me1992DVD1/24/2002
V: The Final Battle1984DVD7/28/2002
V: The Complete Series1984-1985DVD8/2/2004
Vanilla Sky2001DVD5/19/2002
Wild at Heart1990DVD1/26/2005
Wings of Desire1987DVD9/22/2003
Wyatt Earp1994DVD6/6/2004
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Laserdisc Forever (1999-2004)

TitleYear of OriginVideo SourcePublication Date
Alien Saga Collector’s Set1979-1997Laserdisc (Japan)5/1/1999
The Baby of Mâcon1993Laserdisc (Japan)10/6/1999
Dolby Digital Experience / DTS Experience1997Laserdisc (Japan)1/21/2001
The Elephant Man1980Laserdisc (Japan)8/7/1999
Eraserhead1977Laserdisc (Japan)4/5/2000
Hotel Room1993Laserdisc (Japan)6/21/1999
Image Entertainment Laserdisc Catalog Volume 1 – Fall 19911991Laserdisc1/21/2001
Lost Highway1997Laserdisc (Japan)1/2/2000
Map of the Human Heart1992Laserdisc (Japan)7/6/1999
The Matrix1999Laserdisc10/22/1999
Pretty as a Picture: The Art of David Lynch1997Laserdisc (Japan)6/20/1999
Showgirls1995Laserdisc (Japan)11/12/2004
Star Wars: The Phantom Menace1999Laserdisc (Japan)5/9/2000
The Transformers: The Movie1986Laserdisc (Japan)5/6/1999
Wild at Heart1990Laserdisc (Japan)8/9/2000
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“Squeeze LD”: The Once Future of Laserdisc11/11/2004
Watching Laserdiscs in the Digital Age8/29/2004
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